Civic involvement and rule of law

Since its establishment, the AU has managed, in relatively short time, to adopt numerous progressive policy frameworks in order to transform Africa into a peaceful, democratic and prosperous continent. Agenda 2063 represents the most well-known among the AU’s new achievements. Despite promising accomplishments, the AU continues to face major challenges in the realm of practical application of its decisions: The low level of implementation of progressive resolutions by many of its member states is threatening democratic reforms on the continent.

As the world’s youngest continent, Africa’s population is set to double by 2050. The engagement with its youth represents one of the most paramount tasks the AU is facing today and in the future. In line with its people-centered approach, the AU needs to provide opportunities to familiarize the continent’s young people with its general work as well as with its specific resolutions and policies. Much of the AU’s success in the future will build upon the empowerment and participation of young Africans.

To support and foster the AU’s progressive agenda for the continent, we are engaging with young Africans, civil society actors and journalists and initiating dialogue with the AU and other relevant African stakeholders.

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