Peace and Security Policy

Across Africa, violence and conflict continue to constrain social and political progress, limit economic growth and endanger the life of citizens. Causes for conflict are manifold, ranging from bad governance and racial and ethnic tension to restricted socio- economic participation.

The FES is convinced that sustainable conflict resolution can only derive from intensive political engagement with the root causes of conflict. Consequently, we follow a holistic approach that discusses peace and security issues against a political and socio-economic backdrop. In this context, the FES is working on new approaches to collective security in Africa. This project will be implemented by seven FES offices across Africa and coordinated by the FES competence center on peace and security in Dakar.

By bringing together African and external stakeholders and initiating dialogue on peace and security issues between them, the FES is also seeking to strengthen Africa’s voice in areas such as maritime security and global discussions about the future of conflict management and peace operations. 

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